2024 Project

CHET Scholarships

It has been several years since Women Ministries has supported a project as a conference or denomination. We have a rich history of coming together to make an impact in God’s Kingdom. As a conference, two projects that come to mind are supporting Covenant Ability Network (formerly CER) with Our Place and North Place. The support Women Ministries of the Northwest Conference gave is still talked about by the leadership of CAN and has made a difference in the lives of adults with developmental or physical disabilities who are unable to live on their own. A project from 20 years ago was raising money for solar ovens and water filtration systems for villages in Tajikistan. These are still being used today.

Knowing that God can still use women to make a difference, the WMNWC board is introducing our Project 2024: CHET Scholarships. CHET (Centro Hispano de Estudios Teologicos) is an educational institute with a focus on ministerial training for those whose desire is to serve the Lord, the church and the community. CHET provides online training that is intentionally directed toward the Spanish-speaking community where there are many barriers and limited access to obtain a formal ministerial education (information taken from the CHET “informative notebook” 2023).

Our project is to raise money for scholarships to help women in the Northwest Conference to be able to attend CHET. According to Gabriel Salguero, president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, there are 9-10 million Hispanic evangelicals in the US, and they are the fastest growing segment of evangelicals in our country (2022 statistics). Let’s work together, get creative, and bless the Latina women who want to become better equipped to serve in their churches and communities.