Make & Deepen Disciples

Make & Deepen Disciples is a ministry priority of the Evangelical Covenant Church. The mission of MDD is to see every church equipped with an intentional discipleship pathway and to see every church member flourishing as a disciple who makes disciples.

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Women Ministries of the Northwest has a Make & Deepen Disciples Chair position on our board. As part of WMNWC, the MDD Chair shall:

a. Work in coordination with MDD, Develop Leaders, and Start & Strengthen
Churches of the ECC.
b. Promote leadership training opportunities.
c. Recommend Bible study programs and literature for the deepening of spiritual
life and evangelism.
d. Help to secure the speaker for the annual meeting.
e. Present an exhibit or display and a report at the annual meeting.
f. Perform other duties as assigned.

The current MDD chair is Deb Devine.