Serve Globally

Serve Globally is a mission priority of the Evangelical Covenant Church. The mission of Serve Globally is to join the rest of the global church in engaging in God’s mission across cultures and around the world through:

— equipping local congregations for mission;
— training the people of God through formal and informal theological education;
— sending missionaries to strategic places;
— and cultivating partnerships with churches and organizations in strategic contexts.

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Women Ministries of the Northwest Conference has a Serve Globally Chair position on our board. The Serve Globally Chair shall:

a. Work in coordination with Serve Globally of the ECC.
b. Assign Special Interest Missionaries (SIMs) to districts, communicate SIM Priority Project requests.
c. Inspire and challenge women to participate in the many opportunities for missionary service at home and abroad.
d. Present an exhibit or display and a report at the annual meeting.
e. Perform other duties as assigned.

The current Serve Globally chair is Bonnie Eng.