Open Board Positions

Make a Connection with WMNWC

Our WMNWC board has several openings this year.  Would you (or someone you know) like to build your connections and join our team?  You need a connection with Jesus Christ and with a local Evangelical Covenant Church in the Northwest Conference.  If you have any questions or are interested, please contact Sheryl Schanil via email ( or text/call at 218-201-0899.  The open positions are as follows and are for 3-year terms:


The secretary position benefits from having someone with the gift of administration and who is organized.

The Secretary shall keep accurate records of the business and other meetings of the ministry, Executive Board, and the Board of Directors. She shall furnish the Board of Directors with copies of the minutes and perform other duties as assigned.

Make and Deepen Disciples (MDD) chair

The MDD chair should have a heart for discipleship and/or spiritual direction.  Some of the ways we have offered discipleship and training for women is through online cohorts and the breakout sessions at Spring Renewal.  We would like to expand this area.

The Make and Deepen Disciples chair shall: a. Work in coordination with MDD, Develop Leaders, and Start & Strengthen Churches of the ECC. b. Promote leadership training opportunities. c. Recommend Bible study programs and literature for the deepening of spiritual life and evangelism. d. Help to secure the speaker for the annual meeting. e. Present an exhibit or display and a report at the annual meeting. f. Perform other duties as assigned.

Love Mercy Do Justice (LMDJ) chair

The LMDJ chair should have a heart of compassion for those around us and throughout the world.  Utilizing resources through the ECC such as FREE and Safe Sanctuaries, the LMDJ chair will help provide tools to the women and churches of the Northwest Conference to make a difference in the injustices in our communities and world.

The Love Mercy, Do Justice chair shall: a. Work in coordination with LMDJ of the ECC. b. Encourage and promote materials for inclusion ministries. c. Stress Christian citizenship and social justice issues (e.g. trafficking, legislation, education, and social concerns). d. Promote AVA and Mending the Soul e. Promote networking with LMDJ of the ECC and local congregations. f. Present an exhibit or display and a report at the annual meeting. g. Perform other duties as assigned.


Communications (fulfill a one year term until election of that position in 2025)

The person filling this position should be comfortable with social media.  Having some design abilities is also a plus.

The Communication Ministry chair shall: a. Write or solicit articles for publication on the WM NWC website and for other Covenant media. b. Provide help with electronic communication. c. Collect and file newspaper publicity, pictures of historical value, and historical information concerning conference, district, and local Women Ministries groups. d. Perform other duties as assigned.