Breakout Sessions and Presenters

The Beautiful Broken Furniture: Love in the Margins – Kecia Stroot                     

Kecia Stroot is an ordained covenant pastor serving as the hospice chaplain in Roseau County. She’s wife to Rob, mom to 11, mother-in-law to two and grandma to one. Kecia’s heart to follow God wherever God leads, has led her on many amazing and crazy adventures including having more than the two kids she planned, seminary, starting a charity in Haiti, and providing foster care. God continues to teach her what it means to love sacrificially and to hold all things with an open heart.

Jesus came from the margins. Jesus hung out with people in the margins. Jesus calls us to love others especially those in the margins. What does that look like in our lives? How can we love others as Jesus loves us?

Living Intentionally—Jenny Armstrong               

Jenny is passionate about building up the body of Christ by building up people. She is the author of several books, including Don’t Hide Your Light Under a Laundry Basket and six more! A graduate of North Park Theological Seminary, she is the planting pastor at Renovation Covenant Church in Superior, Wisconsin. She and her husband, Aaron, have four sons, a daughter-in-law they adore, and four foster kids. She is currently accepting donations of laundry detergent and chocolate.

We want to reach the world with Jesus’ very good news, but the missional to-do list can feel daunting. But what if it’s not about piling more onto our overflowing plates? What if simply shifting our perspective, and living our everyday lives with more attention and intention, could realign our time, talents, and treasures with God’s mission in this world?

Grief & Grieving Bible Study—Connie Berg                       

Connie Berg is the author of Journaling Through Grief; a faith-based devotional designed to bring the hope that we have in the Salvation of Christ to those that are suffering the loss of a loved one. She experienced the grief journey when her young husband died from ALS leaving her with three teenagers to raise. She feels the devotional journal she wrote was truly God inspired and that the words came through her but not from her. In the breakout session she offers a faith-based study on grief by using excerpts from her devotional Journaling Through Grief.

Devotional Art—Phyllis Ducey                

With an eclectic employment background – from floral designer, insurance agent, marketing director and employment coordinator – Phyllis is following God’s call to focus on her family, artwork, and discipleship.

Many people say they don’t hear God, or maybe it’s just that they don’t recognize His voice. Phyllis will help you translate devotional thoughts into a visible statement meant to be shared.

Watching for the Master’s Return: Discerning the Signs of the Times—Deb Devine               

Deborah (Deb) Devine lives in Apple Valley, MN with her husband, Steven. She has five grown children and seven grandchildren. Her home church is Faith Covenant in Burnsville, MN. Deb is a writer of Women’s Bible Studies, is on the WMNWC board serving under the Make and Deepen Disciples priority. Deb also works with various restoration ministries, sharing the Gospel with women recovering from crisis.

This Bible study will be based on Matthew 24 and other prophetic chapters. We will explore what Jesus tells us about what the world will look like as we come closer to His return and what He expects from us, His church, as the day draws near. Whether Jesus returns very soon or tarries awhile longer, this study will help you to live your days in purposeful and hopeful anticipation of His blessed return!

Hymnary Worship—Karen Kemi                           

Karen is a daughter of a Baptist preacher and the church pianist. As a wife, mother, and grandmother, she works with the Fond Du Lac tribal services for a job; but makes music and studies theology in her spare time.

Hymns bring a depth of history and theology to our worship services and devotional life. They also seem to be in a different church language. Let’s unlock some of the mystery to glimpse the profound truths penned and sung in churches worldwide.

A Financial Life in Order—Steve Allison

Steve is the Director of Financial Services Representatives for Covenant Trust, which provides investment management, trustee services, and estate and gift planning to individuals, families, and institutions.

The Bible has a lot to say about money, but it doesn’t cover most of the financial tools we have available to us today.  In this session we will review Biblical Financial Principles and then learn how to implement them using the modern financial tools.  This session will help you make better financial decisions and put them into action.  Topics covered will include budgeting, saving for retirement and estate planning.

Women Ministry in Your Church—Sheryl Schanil & Rachel Kleinschmidt

Rachel Kleinschmidt is the Ministry Consultant for Women Ministries of the Northwest Conference and the Director of Operations at Riverwood Covenant Church in Rockford, MN. She is passionate about women ministries and is available to meet with your church women’s group to start new programs or revamp existing ones. She lives in Rockford with her husband Micah and 2 corgis, Waffles and Mocha. She enjoys reading, cooking, and singing with the worship team at her church.

Sheryl Schanil is the President of Women Ministries of the Northwest Conference. She has been active in Covenant Women/Women Ministries since graduating from high school. Her two greatest passions are working with children and equipping women to make an impact for the Kingdom of God. Sheryl enjoys being a ministry partner with her husband, Brian, who is pastor at Vista Covenant Church. She is loving the new role of being Grandma to 2 grandsons. Sheryl is known for baking bread and other goodies and running everywhere she goes.

This breakout session will be an open forum to ask questions, share ideas, and troubleshoot issues within your church women’s ministries. If you are wanting to grow your ministry or are looking for new ideas, this session is for you!

God Thinks You’re Wonderful – Sue Peterson (Spanish language option)

Sue Chelgren Peterson es una misionera de la Iglesia del Pacto desde 1993 cuando ella y su esposo Karl fueron consagrad@s a servir en México con la Iglesia Evangélica Misionera del Pacto (IEMP). Radica en la Ciudad de México con su esposo, su hijo mejor Jonathan (20) ya  que u hijo mayor Zachary estudia y  trabaja en Chicago.Sus áreas de ministerio son El Discipulado la Capacitación de lideres, la facilitación de formación espiritual y “Respiros Espirituales” en línea. Forma parte del equipo de MAEM Transforma en el  ur de la CDMX donde facilita talleres de concientización  sobre la violencia, los procesos hacia la sanidad con Remendando El Alma y la Escuela de Perdón y Reconciliación (EsPeRe). Es parte del equipo de Coordinadores de MAEM en el área de Cuidado Pastoral, consolidando, formando y capacitando a mujeres y hombres para facilitar el Cuidado Pastoral para l@s facilitadores de MAEM en sus regiones. Le encanta la música, tomar café con sus amigas y salir a caminar en la naturaleza en cualquier parte de la República Mexicana.

El Taller: ¡Dios piensa que eres una MUJER MARAVILLA!
Dios nos invita a examinarnos a la Luz de Su Palabra y Su Amor para conocernos como Él nos conoce. El salmista nos recuerda que cada una somos mujeres “maravillosas” (Salmo 139: 14). Todas somos creadas a la imagen y semejanza de Dios el Creador, pero ninguna refleja todo como es Dios. Juntas reflejamos a Dios a través de la variedad de personalidades y dones que tenemos, y ese reflejo contiene una variedad infinita. Te invito a conocer por medio de la reflexión bíblica como tus diferencias y similitudes son una manera de alabar a Dios por Su divina creatividad y posibilidades infinitas.